Transform your TV into a Smart TV with a few euros!!!

Going back in time about 2 years ago … I am reminded of a heated conversation with my friend/colleague … the fact was that not all TV (even those of new generation in 2011) had not at all features … SMART!!!

And with him we started to investigate the opportunity to transform Smart making a "normal" TV. From that day we took so many tests and we saw that today with a few euros you can make smart any television set also the oldest … theoretically even and white. … :-).

But without continue past, we see immediately what we mean by Smart … today in shopping malls or in large appliances chains we see these Mega super shiny TV sold at prices that make so many things, the seller pharaonic we proudly shows all features always trying to downplay the issue price … But the fundamental question is …

But what can you do with a Smart TV?

A Smart (smart) TV allows ultimately to do everything you do with an Android phone or PC … but on your TV 40 "… !!!

  • Connect to the internet
  • Watch the News (news, sports, politics, etc.)
  • Installing and using Games (Games)
  • Read mail
  • Connect to various social networks (FB, TW etc.)
  • See videos on Youtube etc.
  • Watching a good Movie 
  • Listen to music, etc.
  • Download and install applications from the Android market

And all conveniently sitting in the Chair. connected to the internet constantly.

To understand and evaluate what we're talking about … take a look at this video.

What to say … really nice … bring life to your TV through a charge of a few dollars.

A Key or a Mini Box can cost from € 20 to € 150, depends on the features and processing power (CPU speed).

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Each one of these little MiniPC to transform your TV into a Smart TV can (hopefully) support XBMC.

We at XBMC-Italy we made a driving table to compare several models and give everyone the opportunity to be able to orient themselves in this new world.


As always thank you for your attention and have a good time.



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