The 10 best TV boxes and Mini PC of 2016

Now we … the market is mature and constantly growing, what we’re talking about … ? The so-called TV boxes (or Mini PC, Set Top Box, Media Center etc.). Many names for a very simple concept.


A box, usually as small as an ashtray (10x10x2 cm) or as a USB dongle (dongle), which is a complete multimedia system to add to your TV to make it Smart (really Smart) and at a reasonable cost (from 30 Euros and up).

But what can I do with such a scheme?

The answer is simple … So many things.

But we see in detail what you can do with a Media Center PC:

  • Watch live streaming (movies, sports, music videos with Youtube) etc.
  • Watch movies, even in 3D, on their favorite media (Blue Ray, DVD, Avi, DivX etc.) also acting UHD to 4 k
  • Use all your Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Listen to music (CD, Mp3, etc.)
  • Use News Reader applications on your TV
  • Play with your favorite video games (Game Android) even with joypad.
  • Create a system “Retro game” with emulators of old consoles (Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, SuperNintendo, Megadrive, Mame etc.)
  • Make Video calls or simple calls with Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp etc.
  • Use the thousands of apps on Google Play
  • Just browse the internet
  • use Kodi (formerly XBMC) in order to receive movies, music and streaming content at the highest levels and with greater ease (also online)

These lists are just some of the possible applications with a good TV Box and all at an affordable price. Here’s a video demonstration:

Top 10 TV boxes of 2016

Everything is pushing users into purchasing systems TV boxes (expense console like XBOX One or Playstation 4) because, as we know, apps and content on Google Play now are endless and most are free.

Therefore, we believe it is useful for users who follow us, give some advice to buy (no surprises) the Box that applies to their case. without danger to stumble across something that does what we expect.

In this regard we developed, our personal ranking of the top 10 TV boxes of 2016:

Top TV boxes, embedded PC or Media Center of 2016

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