Kodi 16 new products, installation, configuration and addons in Italian

The story of Kodi (formerly XBMC), was born at the time of the first Xbox from Microsoft that, as mentioned in other articles, was a playful time console (video game). In fact, 14 years ago (in 2002) a group of volunteers decided to build a solution that can transform the device into a media Center. The first name, if any of you already followed, was the Xbox Media Player. Starting from the experience of XBMP you continued to add features thus increasing the potential of the system and thus not only a Media Player but a Media Center. He was then forced the move to name … Xbox Media Center (XBMC).

Over the years XBMC platform system, and Becomes Kodi, ironically, is no longer compatible with the home console Richmond. In fact, from the Xbox 360 to the new Xbox One, Microsoft has developed an operating system with a multimedia-oriented design.

kodi-16-jarvis _ xbmc-Italy

Remember that open source and free for all remains still Kodi (developers willing to collaborate and consumers).

But what is the potential of Kodi??

The Capabilities

Thanks to the efforts and the outstanding work of all developers, Kodi is now a Multiplatform system (Android, Windows, Linux, etc.) configurable and comprehensive for the Organization and use of their own (and other) media. Kodi, can be installed on a TV Box, a Computer adapted to multimedia or a dedicated system (Raspberry, Apple TV, etc.). For instance, the Apple TV is one of the most famous media center on the market, but there are plenty of manufacturers that sell multimedia HD TV Box and Mini PC connected to a TV and compatible with Kodi.

But what can you do with Kodi??

To answer this question, perhaps not only a book of thousands of pages, but we try to list some of the most important features (in our opinion) of Kodi, which allows:

  • Create a library of movies, with textures, details and ratings data to the movie
  • Create a library of TV series, with textures, details and ratings given to individual episodes
  • Create a library of your music (with many playback features)
  • Create a library of their images (with many display capabilities)
  • Play Video (movies, TV) in libraries
  • Play music in your library
  • Have automatic subtitles for movies, the TV series
  • Get the lyrics of their songs (Lyrics) in library
  • Having a weather service multi region
  • ISR system (IP TV) able to manage and play a list (eg. m3u etc.)
  • The ability to install add-ons to do just about everything
    • Listen To Web Radio (Streaming Music)
    • See Web TV (Streaming Video)
    • To take advantage of the many online content: Spotify, YouTube, Streaming content, etc.

kodi-16-jarvis _ interfaccia_xbmc-Italy

Then make your own Really Smart TV with so many possibilities and endless content.

  • But how to make a Media Center?

In our opinion a Media Center to be truly defined that must have the following characteristics:

  • Must be able to play any Audio/Video format
  • Upgradeable at any time (new Video formats/Audio etc.)
  • The occurrence must be a good platform Game
  • An internet connection under the TV never hurts
  • Access to all existing social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Ease of use through a remote control or a multimedia keyboard
  • Nice to see, both externally in your own living room and from the point of view of the graphical interface
  • Satellite or digital terrestrial channels and maybe to see with your subscription the match of your favorite team
  • Continuously Upgradeable/upgradeable

Today KODI is now at version 16 (codename Jarvis), in addition to many new features which have come about in recent years views, 16 version offers better support for monitor and TV UHD (4 k), both Windows and Android. With a remote control you can now configure macros is rather simple, with support for actions (3D-style Touch of Apple). Finally on Android has become simple to access context menu with many more options, simply press and hold the OK button or enter. Is added, the mode "Stretch 16:9 non linear" that allows you to stretch the video and content in 4:3 16:9 screen without deformation of the content in the center of the TV.

There is also a new event logger that contains a list of recent actions, an updated version of the Add-ons manager, support for DirectX 11 on Windows systems and better decoding HEVC/content h. 265 with updating the ffmpeg library. 


But what to buy to build a Media Center with these features?

This question is certainly crucial for anyone who comes near this world. We try to give an answer through one of our most popular articles:

So after buying the system to realize the Media Center, all you have to do is install Kodi on the system of your choice.

The installation mode (very simple), changes from system and range from the simplest on android (directly from the Android market Store) to configuring Raspberry Pi. However, we report the official entrance of Kodi also on Microsoft's Play Store. See however the details to individual articles on our blog and related to many systems.

After installation we can only configure Kodi, in this regard, we report the items made (over time) on our blog:

Also, for those interested in other addon … we report this link

  • Other repositories and addon (DMAX, MTV, Real Time etc.)
  • If you have a DLNA Server, we recommend reading the article … XBMC DLNA
  • In addition, very interesting are also the addon as Stream on demand, Operation robocop, sports Devils, Pulsar etc. … You look on the internet … seeing is believing

After you configure … We just have to have fun with Kodi and its fantastic addons.


Thank you as always for your attention, I just have to say goodbye.



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