Here come the campaigns of end year … Many offers and coupons to prepare for Christmas!

We are now in the late fall and many are awaiting the great offers at the end of November, events like those from Amazon (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) or those of large retail chains, are now expected as a custom from millions of consumers.

Then, waiting for Christmas, many today already are thinking about gifts. In fact from a study conducted by several statistical offices, in the last few days before Christmas the prices for gifts can increase by up to 20% compared to the period at the end of November.

This figure, although in some cases it might seem obvious, it is not always used by consumers that could hypothetically save, on an average cost of 300 Euros, more than 60 euros.

In this regard, for our readers, today we begin a campaign to report discounts (coupons found at end of article), offers and initiatives that could afford it, to those who follow us, to save many money, perhaps to make themselves a nice extra gift.

What we want to point out now is a campaign just begun by Gearbest by name:

11.11 Computer & Network … Cool Electronics!

Attractive offers of products in limited quantities: TV boxes, Tablet, Bluetooth Speaker, SD cards, etc.

For example, we find TV boxes starting from 22 Euros or Beelink GT1 (based on AmLogic S912) to 49.45 euros.

If you are planning a purchase, possibly take a look could be helpful also to compare prices:

But that’s not all… the campaign Computers & Network … is part of a larger named 11.11-Shopping Festival, which offers thousands of products at discounted prices. many opportunities for those who are already thinking about Christmas.


So, if you’re not looking specifically an article about computers, find a Network but any other article and, you can have a look at:

Important: two days after the end of the campaign and in the light of the many requests from many users, Gearbest has decided to extend the campaign 11.11 … inaugurating the campaign 11.11 Reloaded.

11-11 _ reloaded_gearbest_small_300x250

With so many discounts and deals, and in many cases repeating items already seen last week. In addition they arrived many discount coupons that can be used as always to get an additional discount on the already excellent.

Here are the Coupons … Be careful, if the price stays in varied or increases means that the coupon has expired or you have already exceeded 100 pieces available.

CHUWI HiBook 11HiBook £ 172.74 100 Click here
Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop 11Air13 795.77 € 100 Click here
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 11MiPad2 192.51 € 100 Click here
Chuwi Hi10 Ultrabooks 11Hi10 147.47 € 100 Click here
Chuwi Hi12 Tablet PC 11Hi12 202.33 € 100 Click here
Teclast X98 Plus II 11X98 107 € 100 Click here

Wishing you “good luck”, we remind you that in the next few days we’ll be continuing our information campaign. Reporting deals and major events of the month, trying to help those who follow us to save … Maybe with the right offer.

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